San Mateo auto repair

Not all shops are created equal

We can offer a variety of services that other repair facilities cannot. We are constantly upgrading our tools, equipment and technical training to stay on the cutting edge of auto repair.

Vehicle Software Programming

We feature an Autologic Diagnostic System which gives us dealer-level software programming and diagnostic capabilities. This allows us to update and program all types of vehicle software, including coding keys and keyless entry. With our software capabilities we can customize different comfort features on you vehicle, such as enabling "lazy locking" or "follow me home" lighting.

Autologic Diagnostic System | Four Car Garage

Carbon Clean-up

We can clean up the carbon from a vehicles valves without removing the cylinder head using a specially designed walnut shell blasting vacuum system. Carbon build up is a common cause of check engine lights, poor fuel mileage and sluggish performance.

We currently only offer this service for BMW and Mini.

Carbon Clean-up | Four Car Garage

Super-Charger Rebuilding

Is your super-charger making noise? Have you checked into the cost of a replacement? A new super-charger can cost as much as $3,500.00. We can save you money by rebuilding your super-charger in house. Call us today for details.

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