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3 Major Symptoms That Indicate Your Need An Oil Change

It's no secret that oil changes are necessary to keep your car running and your engine in good shape. While you may know the importance of oil changes, do you know how often your car needs one? And how do you keep track? If you can't remember the last time you had an oil change, that's probably a sign in itself. Below are some significant signs that scream that you're overdue for an oil change:

Engine Oil Is Dark, Clumpy, or Gritty

If you want to be a more responsible car owner, you should check your oil regularly. While the amount of oil in the reservoir is a crucial factor, so is the condition of the oil. Healthy and functional motor oil is usually a honey or brown color. If you notice that your oil looks dark, dirty, or both, it's time to schedule an oil service with your mechanic.

Unusual Engine Noises

When you drive, your car shouldn't make any noticeable sounds. Since oil serves as a lubricant for your engine, it will start making weird sounds when it fails to remain lubricated. This particular sound can be described as banging or clunking metal.

Oil Message Light

Most modern vehicles have the technological capability to remind you to get an oil change. You might get a message that you're due for service on your dashboard or infotainment center. You might also get a warning light on your dash whenever your oil levels decline, or oil pressure drops. This warning light is often called the oil pressure warning light, and it looks like a traditional oil can. When either of these warnings shows up, you should immediately take your car to the auto repair shop.


Without the engine oil, your vehicle's engine will incur a lot of damage. If you notice any of the symptoms above, please immediately take your car to a trusted auto service shop. We invite you to bring your car to Four Car Garage today! 

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