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3 Signs Your Tires Are Misaligned

When your wheels are in alignment, they operate at their maximum potential. Proper alignment promotes longevity by preventing premature wear. Tires are sensitive, and environmental factors and road hazards make maintaining steady alignment difficult. Routine wheel alignments can help prevent any long-term damage while also giving the additional benefit of better fuel economy. Getting an alignment service doesn’t just ensure a smooth ride; it prevents expensive suspension repairs that can appear later down the road. An alignment service involves adjusting the suspension angles, so the tires make better contact with the road. Below are three of the most common signs that it’s time to schedule an alignment service.

  • The tires are wearing unevenly. 
  • The steering wheel has started to shake or vibrate.
  • You have to force the steering wheel to remain straight.
  • The drive is bumpy even though you’re driving on smooth, straight roads.
  • If you’re driving straight, the car veers to the right or left.

What causes the wheels to fall out of alignment? 

  • Driving too quickly over speed bumps. 
  • Driving over potholes. 
  • Hitting street curbs 
  • Driving off-road with dirt, debris, and gravel. 

If the tires are misaligned, they will wear unevenly in comparison to each other. Tire alignment is essential because, without it, your vehicle will not be able to stop adequately. It will limit its ability to perform, increasing the risk of dangerous driving hazards. It’s recommended that you have your alignment checked regularly during every oil change. However, if you recently hit an object or road imperfection, you may want to have your tires aligned sooner. 

Tire Alignment Service in San Mateo, CA

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