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5 Suspension Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Manufacturers designed modern suspension systems to last without wear up to 75,000 miles. This makes suspension problems challenging to notice or diagnose. Major suspension damage symptoms can be occurring but may be mistaken for everyday wear or other types of issues. A healthy suspension system keeps your vehicle performing optimally by providing a smooth, safe drive. Recognizing the first signs of trouble can prevent minor issues from turning into major costly repairs. Below are five indicators that your suspension system should be inspected. 

The drive is bumpy. 

A common sign of suspension damage is your drive becoming more rough and bumpy. One way to tell whether there’s an issue, park your car and press your entire weight onto the front of your vehicle. If your car bounces up and down more than three times, have your shocks and struts inspected. And also, make a note of any creaking or squeaking sounds for the automotive technician. 

Your vehicle is more difficult to steer. 

When there’s an issue within the steering system, your vehicle will become increasingly difficult to steer even at slow speeds. You may even feel a slipping sensation within the steering wheel when you turn left or right; this can also indicate a power steering problem. 

While parked, one side of your vehicle sits lower than the other side. 

A straightforward way to check your suspension is to give your vehicle a visual inspection. Check whether one side of your car is sagging lower than the other side. A lopsided car can indicate a significant problem. 

Your car pulls to one side when turning corners. 

Your vehicle can pull to one side while driving due to a variety of reasons. In most cases, pulling can indicate a problem with the alignment. Pulling can also mean an unstable suspension system. Have the alignment inspected first and check that the tires are properly inflated. If both of these aspects are okay, the suspension system should be checked. 

When you brake, your car nose-dives.

If you pull up to a stop sign and your vehicle nose-dives as you brake, this is a clear indication of a suspension problem. Low suspension can cause up to a twenty percent increase in the time needed to completely stop your vehicle. This can prove to be uncomfortable and extremely dangerous.     

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