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Are Fuel Injection Services Necessary?

Fuel injectors are an important component of your vehicle’s fuel system that sprays a balanced amount of fuel to allow your engine to run. Over time, these small components can get dirty and grimy and lose their effectiveness. As a result, it can cause major deficiencies in your vehicle's performance. 


We provide quality and affordable fuel injection services at Four Car Garage. Our professional technicians guarantee your vehicle will ride smoother as if it were brand new. That is the whole point of a fuel injection service. This service is a thorough maintenance process where a mechanic inspects and cleans the various parts in your fuel system to ensure optimal engine performance. 


At Four Car Garage, our repair specialists will not only clean your fuel injectors but we will ensure the entire fuel system is running in tip-top shape. Our team will:

  • Inspect the fuel injection system’s connection points
  • Examine vacuum lines
  • Monitor the pressure regulator
  • … and more.

The fuel system usually isn’t the first place people think of when they hear of auto maintenance. On average, cars should have a fuel injection service or fuel cleaning every few years or 50,000 miles (give or take). Some mechanics will go as far as saying that you won’t need it until your fuel injectors get clogged or dirty. However,  we recommend keeping your injectors clean as much as possible to be safe.


How to Tell If Your Fuel Injectors Are Dirty

  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Unstable or shaky car
  • Problem with car starts
  • Overall lack of engine power

If you notice that your engine is out of the ordinary, your car may be due for a fuel cleaning service. The team of professionals at Four Car Garage always has your back and your safety in mind. Let us take care of your fuel injection services and all your other maintenance. Please give us a call or schedule an appointment online with us today.

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