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Can the Hot Weather Affect Your Car Battery?

When you think about the summer heat, you may wonder if driving in warmer weather can actually affect your vehicle in some way. In actuality - it can! The heat can actually affect some vehicle components, in particular the battery. Your car battery is more susceptible in the warmer weather, especially if you are parking out side in direct sunlight. Let's look at why and ways you can protect your vehicle's battery during the summer. 
During the summer weather, the intense heat can actually cause issues for our car batteries. Reason being, high temperatures actually cause battery fluid to breakdown and evaporate, which can in turn damage the battery and shorten its life overall. A typical car battery will last between 4-6 years if well maintained, but often times excessive heat can cut that in half. 
One way that you can avoid excessive battery wear during the summer is to have your battery inspected before the summer months hit to check for charge and inspect the charging and starting system. It also helps to have your battery cleaned to prevent corrosion and remove acid build-up around the terminals. If you do suspect a battery issue, we recommend you bring your vehicle into our shop here at Four Car Garage for testing and an inspection at your earliest convenience. 
Ways that you can help to protect your vehicle's battery this summer season include: 
  • Have the electrical system inspected to make sure that it is charging the battery correctly, because the overcharging of the battery can damage it quickly
  • Always replace a battery with a model that's rated as high as the one originally specified or better, and replace your battery according to manufacturer recommendations or every 3-6 years
  • Try to keep the top of the battery clean. Dirt becomes a conductor, which drains battery power. Corrosion on battery terminals becomes an insulator, inhibiting current flow
  • Try to park your vehicle out of the direct sun when parking overnight or for longer periods of time
If your battery is due for a replacement or you suspect that you may have a battery issue, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Four Car Garage today! 
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