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Common Causes of a Radiator Leak

A radiator leak is highly concerning because your car relies on its engine coolant to keep the engine at the optimal temperature. With a radiator leak, your engine is at risk of overheating. If you notice a leak, please take your vehicle to The Four Car Garage for an inspection immediately. Here are the most common causes behind a leaking radiator:



Subpar, cheap, watery, or even the wrong engine coolant will prompt your vehicle to overheat. When this happens, it isn't so much that your radiator is leaking, but it is simply expelling the bad stuff out.


Heater Core

Your vehicle's heater core can affect the temperature of your engine. When it is faulty or failing, it can trigger your engine to overheat. When the engine overheats, coolant is forced out of the radiator. Additionally, if your heater core fails, you won't turn on the heat in the winter. 



Over time, sediment often builds up inside your radiator and its hoses and hose connectors. The build-up is expected, so do not panic as you read this. As a result, your vehicle's manufacturer recommends a radiator flush every "x" number of miles. Removing the residue will prevent rust, which eats through the metal and causes leaks. The flush will remove sediment and replace dirty coolant with fresh coolant. 



Similar to your heater core, the thermostat can stimulate your vehicle to overheat. The thermostat is responsible for calculating your engine's temperature. When the motor gets too hot, it opens up the radiator to allow coolant to pass through. 


These are some possible reasons why your radiator might leak. Our expert technicians can fix up any of these four issues at The Four Car Garage. For a proper diagnosis, bring your vehicle to our shop in San Mateo, CA. Our team would be delighted to answer your questions and address your concerns. 


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