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How Bad Is Hard Braking on Your Car?

The car's braking system undergoes constant pressure when you drive around. You need them in order to decelerate or come to a complete stop when you need to. Therefore, a brake problem can be terrifying to deal with. 

One thing that can significantly wear down your brakes is pressing down on them too hard. The extra pressure heats your brakes, making them more susceptible to wear and tear. But can it damage your car?

You might have to brake abruptly in certain situations, such as trying to avoid hitting another vehicle (or bicyclist or pedestrian). Understandably, you have to do it from time to time. But the answer is that braking too hard can damage your braking system. Firstly, it can dramatically wear down your brake pads. We recommend keeping a safe distance between you and other cars to prevent hard brakes. Secondly, you should be cautious of your surroundings and practice safe driving.

As mentioned before, braking harshly will heat up your brakes, making them susceptible to overheating. The excess heat can eventually lead you to brake fade, which is the ultimate stoppage of brake function. 

To keep your brakes working optimally, be sure to practice healthy braking habits. Maintenance service and inspections are key to preventing and detecting brake problems early. When you take your car to our auto repair shop, you can rest assured that we'll take great care of your vehicle. Please give us a call or request an appointment online with Four Car Garage in San Mateo, CA today!

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