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How to Drive Safely At Night

It's not unknown that driving at night is much more challenging and dangerous than driving during the daytime. In fact, statistics have shown that vehicle collisions are three times more likely to occur at night. The lack of light and visibility is the number one explanation for the increased likelihood. Not only is it harder to see the road and objects in the distance, but other vehicle lights can cause glares and blind you. We've put together these safe driving tips for the evening and night to protect yourself and optimize your visibility.

  1. Keep a Clean Windshield - Dirty, cloudy, or damaged windshields can cause the light from other vehicles to scatter across the surface. To ensure you can see clearly through your glass surfaces, we recommend getting in the habit of cleaning them. Remember to wipe off both the inside and out. Additionally, top off on windshield washer fluid to ensure it's readily available.
  2. Use High Beams Wisely - At Four Car Garage, we encourage you to use your high beams. However, it would help if you only used them appropriately on clear and rural roads. You should quickly turn them off whenever you see a car to prevent blinding other drivers.
  3. Have Your Eyes Checked - Even if you swear that you can see without glasses or contacts, you should be getting your eyes checked regularly. The last thing you want is to be straining your eyes to drive.
  4. Test Your Lights - Your vehicle lights are essential to driving at night. If your vehicle doesn't have an automatic on/off feature, you should get in the habit of turning them off in the evenings. You'll also need them to drive through poor weather conditions like rain, snow, and hail (no matter the time of day it is).

If you're struggling to see clearly when driving at night, you should discuss these concerns with your technicians at Four Car Garage. A simple light bulb change or windshield wiper replacement can make all the difference. Please bring your vehicle to our San Mateo auto repair shop today.

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