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How to Safely Travel for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Over 50 million Americans hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday. You're bound to encounter traffic, and there will be some congestion. To calm your nerves for the holidays, please do a little planning ahead; it can make all the difference in the world. Here are our top tips to make your Thanksgiving journey safer and smoother!

Complete a maintenance check beforehand

Before you leave, we recommend you take your car to Four Car Garage for a quick pre-trip inspection to address any possible safety concerns before you hit the highway. We can help you do the following:

  • Measure tire pressure and tread depth
  • Check and replace wiper blades
  • Refill windshield washer fluid reservoir
  • Test your vehicle battery

Set aside an emergency kit to pack in your vehicle

Please consider the following items for your safety kit:

  • Small shovel
  • Jackets, hats, and blankets
  • Flashlights with new batteries
  • Warning flares or triangles
  • Paper towels
  • Drinking water and non-perishable snack bars
  • Basic tools
  • Charger for your phone

Avoid traveling during peak times

According to Google, the Wednesday or day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are the busiest days to travel. If possible, we urge you to rearrange your plans to not travel during peak times. It's also safer to depart earlier in the morning than afternoons and evenings.

Make sure you're well-rested for the drive

If you have a long road trip ahead of you for the Thanksgiving holiday, please get a good night's rest before. In fact, studies have shown driving while tired affects driving ability the same way as driving intoxicated. It significantly reduces reaction times and affects coordination. 

Avoid distractions

Driving is not so hard when you can shift your full attention to the road. That means, please silence your phones and designate a family member to answer your calls/texts, set the temperature, and adjust the music during the journey. Additionally, please don't eat and drink while driving; It's better off for you just to make a brief stop.

Make pit stops a priority

Try to take a short break every two to three hours. Doing so will keep the driver alert and aware. Plus, everyone may need to stretch or use restrooms by then.


If you need a pre-trip inspection for your Thanksgiving trip to see family, please call or come by Four Car Garage today!

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