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Let Your Engine Breathe

At every oil change, the technicians at Four Car Garage can help you inspect your engine air filter. If we recommend a replacement, it only means that it is necessary. You may be wondering, what is the engine air filter even for.


To understand what an engine air filter does, you should focus on the air that you drive in. What is the air quality outside in San Mateo, CA? Can you see smog? Is there a lot of pollen? What about dust? If you’re not prone to allergies, then you probably don’t notice those things. However, you should know the answer to those questions because the engine air filter is responsible for all those harmful pollutants from getting into the engine. 


Your motor needs fresh, clean air for a smooth operation. If you want a well-balanced fuel and air mixture, you’re going to need an effective engine air filter. Without a clean filter, the inside of your engine can break down a lot sooner than you think.


For every gallon of gasoline your car burns, your engine needs around 12,000 gallons of air. And your engine won’t get that air if the filter doesn’t work. A vacuum cleaner that hasn’t been emptied in a while won’t clean as well as one that gets emptied often. A clogged engine air filter is a similar way - the engine won’t receive enough air to burn the fuel efficiently. That means it will require more power than normal, meaning you waste gas.


Automakers recommend that you change your filter at regular intervals. However, the conditions you drive in will ultimately determine how soon the filter gets dirty. The filter is easy to check, so please do not hesitate to ask your technician whenever you come in. 


Because a dirty air filter can hurt your fuel economy and degrade engine performance, many people find that it is worth replacing their air filter often. If you’re ready to change your engine air filter, feel free to stop by Four Car Garage today.

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