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Numbers On Wheel Explained

If you have looked at a tire, you have probably noticed a couple of numbers and letters. But what do they mean? Well, below, we will take a closer look at exactly that. We will use this for an example: 225/45 R17. This is one of the most common tire types, and it is fairly simple, so it will be easy to understand.

Tire Width - 225

The first number we can see is 225. In this case, it means that the tire is 225mm (millimeters) wide, measured from the two opposite inner lips of the rim. A wider tire grips the ground better but also affects fuel consumption.

Aspect Ratio - 45

The second number, 45, is for the aspect ratio of the sidewall. In this case, it is 45% of the width of the wheels. Usually, when the sidewall is higher, the riding experience is much smoother because of the extra cushioning it provides.

Construction Type - R

The next in line is the letter "R". It stands for radial construction, which is one of the three main construction types a tire can have. 

Wheel Diameter - 17

The last number is 17, referring to the diameter. It measures the distance between the two opposite points where the tires seal with the wheels. Bigger wheels usually ride a little bit rougher, and if installed on the wrong vehicles, they can damage the suspension.

Tips For Buying Tires

When searching for a new set of wheels, the above-mentioned numbers and letters are the most important. There are a few others you can encounter, but these are the ones you should focus on. Make sure you match your new tire size with your previous one, or if you want it to be more comfortable, consider asking a mechanic for a professional opinion. Also, make sure that they will fit the rims because sometimes there is a difference between the sizes of the tires and rims.

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