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Strange Car Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Outside of the typical road noise that sets the backdrop to your radio music, a drive shouldn’t be too loud. If you notice that your vehicle is making noises that sound like bangs, clangs, or squeaks, it could be communicating that something is mechanically wrong. Below is a list of the most common sounds that indicate an inspection should be scheduled.

If you press the brake pedal and hear a high-pitched screech, it may be time to get the brake pads changed. Brake pads prevent friction between them and the steel backing plate; without them, the vehicle can’t adequately stop. 

If you notice a growling sound while turning your vehicle, this can indicate that there’s an impending problem with the power-steering pump. 

A hissing sound can indicate a leak with a tube or joint within the cooling system. If there’s a leak within the cooling system, the car can overheat, severely damaging the system. 

A shrieking sound may come from the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is like a coveter belt that drives several engine components like the powering steering pump, water pump, and alternator. Damage to the serpentine belt will cause the vehicle to break down entirely and needs to be addressed immediately. 

A knocking sound usually indicates an ignition problem. Ignition problems can be caused by damaged spark plugs, a bad fuel injector, or a dirty fuel filter. It’s best to have an automotive expert inspect your vehicle to find out what’s going on. 

Four Car Garage is available to address any unusual noises within your vehicle. If your car is making strange sounds, it’s a telltale sign that something is wrong. Noises that are loud and persistent should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid costly damage in the future. Our ASE certified technicians specialize in all vehicle makes and models. If you have a noise that needs to be inspected in San Mateo, CA, reach out to us by scheduling an appointment

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