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Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

In addition to saving you money, improving fuel economy also reduces emissions, thus helping the environment. The cost at the pumps indicates that inflation affects everyone, with every penny now counting. And since life must go on, you can't avoid being on the road. So what do you do?

Ensure you get the most of every gallon you spend at the pumps using the following tested and proven techniques that we compiled.

Ensure Your Tires are in Perfect Condition

Have you inflated your tires correctly? Inflating your tires correctly is among the easiest ways to increase fuel efficiency. But surprisingly, statistics show that more than 25 percent of all automobiles move on improperly inflated tires. In addition to reducing your gas mileage, this scenario also causes premature tire wear.

Reduce the Weight in Your Vehicle

One of the easiest ways to reduce your car's weight is by getting the junk out of the trunk. Immediately you reduce your vehicle's weight, you instantly increase fuel economy and put less stress on your entire vehicle's systems and components like the brakes and engine.

Use the Right Motor Oil

Whether you go the DIY way or have professionals handle your oil changes, ensure you always use the ideal motor oil for your car. You may have to consult your vehicle's manufacturer's manual to save up to five cents per gallon.

Avoid Idling

When idling, for instance, sitting at an extended stoplight or slow-moving traffic for over 30 seconds, turning off your engine makes a lot of sense. Luckily, manufacturers are now integrating this feature to save car owners on fuel consumption. Newer models automatically switch their engines off after sensing a few seconds of idling.

Slow Down

You don't have to lead the pack when you can save up to 20 cents per gallon if you slow down on the road. Constantly demanding your automobile to accelerate quickly forces the engine to work extra hard, which consumes more fuel. But for every 5mph you reduce, you save approximately 7 percent on fuel consumption.

Bottom Line

You can now see that it is not that difficult and entirely possible to travel further on a gallon of gas if you implement the above tips. In addition, you can also consider a front-end alignment and replacing your dirty air filters to save up to 28 cents per gallon and 15 percent of fuel consumption, respectively.

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