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Types of Car Fluid Leaks

You're driving down the road when you hear a strange noise and notice a puddle on the ground. You pull over to inspect and see that it's engine oil. Now what?
If you're like most people, your first instinct is to panic. But don't worry; we've got you covered. In this article, we'll discuss the different car fluid leak types and how to identify them. Each of these fluids has its unique color and smell, so it shouldn't be too hard to tell them apart.
If you're unsure what type of fluid your car uses, check the owner's manual or take it to a mechanic for a diagnosis. Well, here are the most common ones:

Oil Leaks

Your car needs oil to run smoothly, and if there's a leak, it can cause all sorts of problems. If it leaks, you'll usually be able to see a black puddle on the ground, and the smell will be pretty strong. If the oil is fresh, there's a good chance that the leak is from the engine. If it's been there for a while, the oil may have come from another part of the car, like the transmission.
Engine oil leaks are caused by worn-out seals, gaskets, and O-rings. So, never forget to check and change your oil during your maintenance visits.

Transmission Fluid

This is an important fluid that helps keep your car running smoothly. If you detect a pink, red, or dark red spot or puddle in your automatic transmission car, the leak is probably coming from your vehicle. It's best to immediately take your car in for a tune-up, as it can damage the transmission over time.

Brake fluid

Leaks in the brake system can be dangerous, so it's important to address them immediately. The brake fluid typically leaks from the brake lines or the master cylinder. You can easily identify brake fluid from water as the fluid is clear with a little amber tint with the smell of fish oil.


A serious coolant leak can cause your engine to overheat quickly. You'll usually see a puddle of green or orange liquid near your car's front or back.
Antifreeze is poisonous, so if you see a leaky container or puddle of antifreeze, don't touch it! Call a tow truck and get your car towed to a mechanic immediately.

Power Steering Fluid

A malfunctioning power steering pump causes a power steering fluid leak. A power steering pump helps move fluid around the power steering components. If the pump malfunctions, the fluid cannot move correctly and leaks out of the system. The result is a loss of steering control. Its smell is the same as that of transmission fluid. However, it only occurs in any vehicle with power steering.
Fluid leaks in your car can be disastrous, so it's important to identify any leaks immediately and get appropriate help.

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