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Why Is My Engine Stalling?

When you refer to a car stalling, it simply means that your engine has shut off abruptly. Unfortunately, a vehicle may stall in any situation due to various mechanical problems. Sometimes, it may occur right after starting up or even on the road. As you can assume, engine stalling mid-drive can be especially dangerous. Thus, it is important for drivers to understand what can cause their cars to stall.

Problems That Can Lead to Engine Stalling

There are several malfunctioning parts that can cause your vehicle to stall:

Out of Gas

If you've been ignoring the low gas light for a while, an empty gas tank can surely turn off your engine.

Insufficient Fuel to Air Ratio

An uneven fuel mixture may also cause your engine to stall, especially when it is not concentrated enough.

Broken Fuel Pump

If your fuel pump stops working, your engine will not receive the fuel it needs to run. You will likely need a tow to an auto repair shop for fuel pump repairs.

Electrical Issues

A dead battery or failing alternators are electrical issues that may make your car stall, especially right after startup.


And these problems are just to name a few of the mechanical issues that can cause your engine to stop working. If you're experiencing engine stalling, please bring your car to an automotive professional for a proper diagnosis. Once our team identifies an issue, we can repair your vehicle as needed.


Prolonging engine problems can lead to more damages and repairs down the line. Therefore, if you're experiencing engine issues, please call or visit Four Car Garage today.

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