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Driving App Suggestions

Driving App Suggestions

Smartphones and vehicle phone holders have revolutionized our driving experience by ten-fold. Today, nearly all auto manufacturers incorporate Android Auto and Apple Car-play inside the modern vehicle’s infotainment system. The average driver now has a boundless amount of information they can access from their steering wheel. While you shouldn’t be clicking apps while driving, cellphone holders allow apps to become helpful hands free options. Below are a few common driving apps that may prove themselves essential and improve your drive: Parkopedia If you live in a big city and constantly struggle with parking, Parkopedia may be helpful. Parkopedia covers about 15,000 cities, offering 70 million different parking spaces. The Lifesaver App The Lifesaver app is the perfect app for parents and business owners. This app eliminates distractions by locking your phone once you start driving. It keeps essentials like GPS still functioning. The key ... read more

The Reasons Windshields Don’t Shatter

If a hard object impacts a car window, the glass typically shatters into small pieces. However, if your windshield receives a hard impact, it leaves the surface cracked. Why is this the case? Finding the right type of material for the windshield initially took a little trial and error. When vehicles were first manufactured, they were created with plate glass. This proved to be extremely dangerous because once an accident occurred, sharp glass shards flew everywhere. During an accident, the glass was nearly just as dangerous as the impact of the crash. In the late 1920s, automakers began searching for an alternative and eventually stumbled upon an innovative option. Édouard Bénédictus, a French chemist and artist, patented a laminated glass that is reported he discovered by mistake. While he was in a lab, he dropped a flask holding plastic. The plastic inside the flask created a film that allowed the glass to break, but not shatter. By 1927, car manufacturers star ... read more

Don’t let potholes dip your day

You’re driving down the street and boom - you feel your car dip down into a massive pothole. During this time of year, pitted asphalt and hidden potholes are sprinkled along the road. Pothole damage may not be noticeable right away but can wreak havoc on your vehicle if it’s not addressed quickly. Below are popular signs that your vehicle may need repair:  1. The steering wheel feels unusual or “off.”  Chances are you’ve been driving your vehicle for a while, so you know when something feels different. If the steering wheel is vibrating while driving, it may be time to have your alignment checked. A dip in a pothole can cause damage to your steering component or wheel misalignment.  2. Noises are coming from your exhaust. Damage to the exhaust system isn’t noticeable by the untrained eye, but you can hear it. Damage to your exhaust system can result in long-term damage to your engine. If your exhaust is making a noise you’ve ne ... read more

Can the Hot Weather Affect Your Car Battery?

Can the Hot Weather Affect Your Car Battery?

  When you think about the summer heat, you may wonder if driving in warmer weather can actually affect your vehicle in some way. In actuality - it can! The heat can actually affect some vehicle components, in particular the battery. Your car battery is more susceptible in the warmer weather, especially if you are parking out side in direct sunlight. Let's look at why and ways you can protect your vehicle's battery during the summer.    During the summer weather, the intense heat can actually cause issues for our car batteries. Reason being, high temperatures actually cause battery fluid to breakdown and evaporate, which can in turn damage the battery and shorten its life overall. A typical car battery will last between 4-6 years if well maintained, but often times excessive heat can cut that in half.    One way that you can avoid excessive battery wear during the summer is to have your battery inspected before the sum ... read more

Safety Tips that Every Driver Should Know

Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned one, driving safely is the number one thing to remember on the road. Driving on the road can be vulnerable, especially when you not only rely on your own safe driving, but also the safe driving of others.  Before you get into your vehicle, be sure to check off the following:  Get a good night’s rest  Have a snack or meal Be completely ready - don’t try to get ready in the car Make sure your gas tank is filled Set your GPS to your destination, if needed Have your radio or music ready to go so you aren’t fixing it while driving Here are some additional safety tips to follow while on the road:  Always wear your seatbelt and ensure your passengers are as well Put your smartphone away Pay attention to the road and try to avoid distractions from passengers Follow the speed limit Make sure to always check your mirrors and blind spots before switching lanes Keep a safe distance between your car a ... read more

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